Wedding venues

Every corner of Prague and the Czech Republic spells excitement, romance and splendour and all of this is what your wedding will reflect when you host it in this charming country.The landscape is dotted with magnificent Gothic castles, riveting parks and gardens and imposing halls as well as quaint churches, all of which make for wonderful options when you are looking for the perfect wedding venue. In no other country you will find such an amazing array of castles to choose from.

With each one more majestic than the other, the only problem you will find is picking out just one. Romance, professionalism, excitement, joy, entertainment, you ask for it and at Royal Wedding, we will incorporate it into your special day. Pick any destination in the Czech Republic and we will help make your dreams come true with a customized plan of the entire wedding reception, from start to finish. We are absolutely professional in our approach and will do our utmost to ensure that this is a fairy tale day for you.